The essential settings to start the FwGuardian script:

We assume that the Internet Router is connected to eth1 and local network at the eth0 and administrators hosts are and To start Web Server set "yes" in webserver option. We demonstrate NAT support for ftp and sip protocols, but you can select all supported protocols setting ALL. Identify the firewall interfaces (LAN and WAN) and the TRUST hosts. The captive portal function is allowed only if the option "route_auth" is set to yes.

      vim /opt/fw4.2/fwguardian.conf
              forwarding yes
              net_sharing yes
              IFWAN eth1
              IFLAN eth0
              webserver yes

              route_auth no
              conntrack ftp sip

      vim /opt/fw4.2/webauth/webauth.conf
                adm_user    webadmin

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Current version: 4.2.5 (Pre 4.3)                                Developed by Humberto L Jucá
FWGuardian Authenticated Area Access
Web server based in Horatio Project