Checking the command line parameters:
               /opt/fw4.2/fwguardian --help

Adjustments to the web service:

If perl dependencies have been resolved, we can create the digital certificate. The web interface can be used in two ways.  You can use it to change permissions for authenticated users (more than captive portal) or reconfigure the firewall (administration).

               /opt/fw4.2/fwguardian --make-https-cert
                            Firewall... THE PASSWORD FOR HTTPS QUESTION IS: 16314296025397

PS.: In "Enter pass phrase", type or paste the generated code (in this example is 16314296025397).

You can access web interface without https, but for security reasons its highly recommended to work with SSL support

We will demonstrate the basic configuration for remotely firewall access (ssh or web server). The main adjustments can be made directly by web interface.

Activating the main modules:
               /opt/fw4.2/fwguardian --enable bannedfw
               /opt/fw4.2/fwguardian --enable inputfw
               /opt/fw4.2/fwguardian --enable rtfilters

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Current version: 4.2.5 (Pre 4.3)                                Developed by Humberto L Jucá
FWGuardian Authenticated Area Access
Web server based in Horatio Project