The project began in 2002 with the name "Simple ADSL Firewall". The main idea was to automate the most common rules for access to corporate Web browsing. The goal is not related to just create a configuration interface for iptables, but provide a "generator" efficient and flexible based on data supplied by the administrator. Starting with version "4.0" project received the most significant changes and was renamed "FwGuardian".

To share the Internet access of the procedure is fairly simple and the administrator does not need to have thorough knowledge of netfilter, but the advanced use requires more specific knowledge.

The project received a number of changes over the years. Was added QoS, load balancing, and numerous resources. The idea of a modular script appeared in version 3.0 and was perfected in "4.0". The most complete, flexible and modular emerged recently in the "4.2", where much of the configuration can be done by the web interface.

The web interface came in version "4.0" and is based on Horatio project. Numerous modifications were made so that the administrator could define exactly what permission would be granted access to authenticated users. Flexibility in FwGuardian is greater than Horatio.

The administration of the firewall via web interface is still partial, but the main access controls are already available, such as "access banned", "INPUT" and "FORWARD" rules, for example. Currently the configuration of QoS, VPN and load balancing must be done outside the web interface.

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Current version: 4.2.5 (Pre 4.3)                                Developed by Humberto L Jucá
FWGuardian Authenticated Area Access
Web server based in Horatio Project