The "installation" process is very simple with core script written in bash and awk. For this reason the script tends to be compatible with many  distributions - has been tested on Red Hat/Fedora, Mandriva and Ubuntu. The web server is based on Horatio, so the support for Perl is a mandatory requirement. Some dependencies need to be solved for using the Web service.

Example for Ubuntu or Mandriva:
  • Ubuntu
              apt-get install gawk
              apt-get install libcgi-session-perl libhttp-daemon-ssl-perl libcrypt-passwdmd5-perl openssl
  • Mandriva
              urpmi gawk
              urpmi perl-HTTP-Daemon-SSL perl-CGI perl-CGI-Session perl-Crypt-PasswdMD5

The presence of iproute2 is critical because many features and extensive testing are made using the command "ip". Usually its a standard package in the distributions. Package gawk is required since version "4.0". 

This script is a generator, so it is evident that the presence of iptables is mandatory.

Unpack the tar.gz file to the directory "/opt" or other (I prefer /opt).
        cd /opt
        tar xvfz fw4.2.5.tar.gz

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Current version: 4.2.5 (Pre 4.3)                                Developed by Humberto L Jucá
FWGuardian Authenticated Area Access
Web server based in Horatio Project